Called to Battle: Volume One


The Iron Kingdoms is a land dominated by mighty warcasters, arcanists who command the terrifying war machines called warjacks. While these epic figures lead armies and shape the futures of their nations, other powerful individuals, no less skilled, forge their own destinies in steam and steel.

Called to Battle, Volume One is a collection of stories focused on the Iron Kingdoms’ unsung heroes, its skilled mercenaries, and even the horrifying villains who haunt its darker reaches.

  • Track a target through the frozen north with Kell Bailoch, a deadly sharpshooter who kills for the highest bidder, in "Destiny of a Bullet" by Larry Correia.
  • Hunt down a group of corrupted human magic users with Narn, a merciless Iosan mage hunter, in "Judgment" by Erik Scott de Bie.
  • Endure a terrifying journey into the mind of General Gerlak Slaughterborn, a monstrous blighted trollkin with a penchant for devouring his enemies whole and screaming, in "Under the Shadow" by Orrin Grey
  • Uncover a sinister sabotage plot with Arlan Strangewayes, Cygnar's premier arcane mechanik, in "Heartfire" by Howard Tayler.

These stories draw you deeper into the war-torn landscape of western Immoren and the Iron Kingdoms, where heroes, villains, and those somewhere in between find themselves Called to Battle.  

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