Frequently Asked Questions

Skull Island eXpeditions titles are DRM free and available in three digital formats: ePub, Mobi, and Adobe PDF.

  • ePub works with iPad, Android, and Nook e-readers.
  • Mobi works with Kindle e-readers.
  • Adobe PDF is a universal format that works on most PCs using free Adobe software.


  1. When I purchase an e-book do I get all available digital formats?
    Yes. At this time you have access to three types of digital files (ePub, Mobi, or PDF) per purchase.
  2. Do I have access to my e-books after I download them?
    Yes. All digital purchases are saved in your account and can be downloaded as many times as you like to all the devices that you own.
  3. How do I load e-books onto my mobile device from the Skull Island eXpeditions website?
    There are several good tutorials online for various types of e-readers. Some suggested sites include:
  4. I am unable to change text size on my Android e-reader.
    This is an issue inside the proprietary functions between the standard ePub file and Android e-readers. Currently, the text from our ePub files is locked on Android devices.
  5. Will PayPal be made available as a purchase type?
    We have no plans to use PayPal at this time.
  6. I purchased a Kindle version of your book from Amazon, and I can’t get it to work on Windows 8.
    When you download the file from Amazon choose the “download for PC and Windows 8” option. You should then be able to access the file from the cloud and sync it to your device.
  7. When are you going to release a story about character X?
    Follow our Facebook page and Twitter feed for information about exciting new stories coming from Skull Island eXpeditions!
  8. My credit card didn't work. What do I do?
    Please do not attempt another purchase. Use the contact form to send us a message. If you can, tell us exactly which error message was given during the failed transaction.
  9. Can I read Skull Island e-books offline?
    Yes. As long as your e-book is downloaded to your device, you can read it offline.
  10. Is Skull Island eXpeditions accepting submissions?
    No. At this time Skull Island eXpeditions is not accepting submissions for fiction.
  11. Can I subscribe to future releases?
    We are currently developing a subscription plan for our fiction line. Follow our Facebook page and Twitter feed for further developments on subscriptions.
  12. How long are Skull Island eXpeditions novellas?
    Novellas are approximately 30,000 words in length, which translates to approximately 100 to 110 PDF pages in standard format.
  13. How long are Skull Island eXpeditions novels?
    Our novels are approximately 50,000 words in length, which translates to approximately 180 to 200 PDF pages in standard format.