A popular question from Skull Island readers: What titles do you have available as audiobooks? 

Below is our complete catalog through Audible, all of which are available from!

The Devil’s Pay by Dave Gross

Instruments of War by Larry Correia

Into the Storm by Larry Correia

Dark Convergence by Dave Gross

The Way of Caine by Miles Holmes 

The Butcher of Khardov by Dan Wells

Night of the Necrotech by C. L. Werner

Extraordinary Zoology by Howard Tayler

Moving Targets by C. L. Werner

Called to Battle Volume One by Larry Correia, Erik Scott de Bie, Orrin Grey, and Howard Tayler

Rites of Passage by Oren Ashkenazi, Darla Kennerud, Aeryn Rudel, Douglas Seacat, William Shick, and Matthew D. Wilson

Mutagenesis by Orrin Grey

Blood & Iron by Chris A. Jackson

Iron Kingdoms Excursions: Season One Collection by Larry Correia, Douglas Seacat, Howard Tayler, Erik Scott de Bie, Orrin Grey, Darla Kennerud, Aeryn Rudel, and William Shick

Murder in Corvis by Richard Lee Byers

Called to Battle Volume Two by Steve Diamond, Matt Forbeck, Chris A. Jackson, and Howard Tayler

Into the Wild by Larry Correia

The Blood of Kings by Douglas Seacat

LEVEL 7: The Judas Protocol by Nathan E. Meyer

Black Dogs by Richard Lee Byers

Flashpoint by Aeryn Rudel

Tales of the Invisible Hand by Miles Holmes

Mark of Caine by Miles Holmes


Enjoy listening to these exciting adventures in the Iron Kingdoms and beyond!

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