Skull Island Buried Treasure

In thinking about the Butcher recently—this is just something you do almost daily when you work for Privateer Press—I realized how much I had enjoyed “Not Everyone Dies” by Doug Seacat (from the No Quarter Collection II) and how easily missed it could be in the sizable collection of works on the Skull Island eXpeditions site.


So, I thought I’d offer you a trio tidbits to go digging for when next you come ashore Skull Island…

And a bonus treasure: more Doug Seacat—what can I say? He’s a great writer, and if you’ve read Blood of Kings, you already know this. But if you weren’t fortunate enough to get the limited-edition print version of “At What Cost” in the Haley box a few years back, you can still read this excellent Haley piece that gives you great insight into how she came to span time. (

Okay, now you have your map and four Xs to dig for. Happy hunting!


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