The Warcaster Chronicles

The lich lords of Cryx are the mightiest servants of Toruk the Dragonfather. They command vast armies of living and undead soldiers and vie with one another for the favor of their great draconic master. For centuries, these immortal monsters have ruled the island nation of Cryx and waged war on the Iron Kingdoms, but one lich lord stands apart from the others, his actions driven by absolute devotion to the Dragonfather.

Lich Lord Venethrax has spent over a millennium hunting Toruk’s rebellious spawn. With magic, might, and a vast network of spies, he has pursued the most dangerous creatures in Immoren. But now, on the eve of Cryx’s greatest invasion of the Iron Kingdoms, Venethrax has learned something unsettling—reports have surfaced of a new dragon on the mainland, one that has inconceivably escaped his notice. 

With a handpicked group of fearsome dragon hunters and helljacks, Venethrax will use Cryx’s invasion of Cygnar as cover for a secret expedition, one that will further prove his devotion to Toruk and affirm his own reputation as the bane of dragons. 

Authored by: 
Richard A. Knaak
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