Sacred Charge

Unleashed Legends
Short Stories

Among the skorne, death and glory are often the same thing.

At the command of Archdomina Makeda, the great Army of the Western Reaches pushes farther into the uncharted lands of the west. Those skorne who fight for the archdomina face enemies stranger than any they’ve encountered before, but with each foe comes a chance at glory and exaltation. 

When three warriors are cut off from the main army after an ambush by a new and deadly enemy, they become the sole protectors of a most precious cargo: sacral stones containing the vital essence of skorne who died bravely in combat. These survivors must overcome their differences in rank and the rigid skorne caste system, band together, and fight their way back to safety. But one among them harbors a terrible secret, one that may cost them their honor, their lives, and even their very souls.

Authored by: 
Aeryn Rudel
Included eBook formats: 
Iron Kingdoms