Iron Kingdoms Excursions: Season One, Volume Six

Iron Kingdoms Excursions: Season One
Short Stories

Take a short journey to adventure with Iron Kingdoms Excursions! Each volume in this series features three brief tales about the people, creatures, and machines of Immoren. Explore the Iron Kingdoms—from the raider-beset Ordic coastline to gloom-haunted Umbrean cemeteries in Khador-occupied Llael—for only pocket change.

In Iron Kingdoms Excursions: Season One, Volume Six:

  • Visit a ghoulish crime scene with a Winter Guard inspector as he gathers evidence about a savage murder in “Murder in the Honor Fields” by Larry Correia.
  • Seek the death of a brutal human arcanist with an Iosan mage hunter assassin in “Before Death, Retribution” by Erik Scott de Bie.
  • See through the eyes of the dead as a troop of Cryxian bane thralls terrorizes the Ordic coast in “Bound for Home” by Michael G. Ryan.

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