Iron Kingdoms Excursions: Season One, Volume Four


Take a short journey to adventure with Iron Kingdoms Excursions! Each volume in this series features three brief tales about the people, creatures, and machines of Immoren. Explore the Iron Kingdoms—from the seedy dockside taverns of Five Fingers, the infamous Port of Deceit, to the chaotic battlefields of northern Khador—for only pocket change.

In Iron Kingdoms Excursions: Season One, Volume Four:

  • Go looking for trouble with the most infamous Malcontent from the novel Into the Storm as Savio Montero Acosta does his best to pick a fight in “Step Outside” by Larry Corriea.
  • Weather the storm of battle on the Khadoran front lines and learn what it takes to live, work, and hopefully survive as a battle mechanik in “Replacement Parts” by Darla Kennerud.
  • Experience the dark underbelly of the pirate life in Five Fingers and what it means to be a sea dog, even against your will, in “Failure to Impress” by Douglas Seacat.

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