Iron Kingdoms Excursions: Season One, Volume Five


Take a short journey to adventure with Iron Kingdoms Excursions! Each volume in this series features three brief tales about the people, creatures, and machines of Immoren. Explore the Iron Kingdoms—from the mist-shrouded borders of the Iosan homeland to the Cryxian-infested isles of the Broken Coast—for only pocket change.

In Iron Kingdoms Excursions: Season One, Volume Five:

  • Join a skorne warrior on his final battlefield as he expends his life for a chance at saving his soul in “A Hero's End” by Aeryn Rudel.
  • Terrorize the coast with Satyxis pirates as they turn fire and steel on the townsfolk of a Cygnaran hamlet in “Raiders in the Night” by William Shick.
  • Heft a massive stone column and crush the enemy in defense of the United Kriels in “Call of the Caber” by Howard Tayler.

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