Moving Targets

Exiles in Arms
Exiles in Arms: Moving Targets

Taryn di la Rovissi and Rutger Shaw: two hard-luck mercenaries looking to make a clean break from the flagging war in occupied Llael… 

With the forces of Khador massing for another surge south into Cygnar and the Thornwood Forest, Taryn and Rutger are forced to take a dangerous escape route before the borders close for good. Amid the last refugees fleeing the advance, the duo is caught up in an assignment that will prove to be either their salvation or their undoing.

From the stinking mists of the Bloodsmeath Marsh to the back alleys of Five Fingers, Taryn and Rutger will do everything in their power to survive a game of Moving Targets.

Authored by: 
C. L. Werner
Included eBook formats: 
Iron Kingdoms