By the Book: FLASHPOINT's Sequel

Aeryn Rudel

 Aeryn Rudel is an exceptionally prolific writer, and he's a core Skull Island author. His work has appeared in numerous compilations, and last year, we published his first full-length novel, Flashpoint. He's now working on the second book in the Acts of War series (tentatively titled Boiling Point and due out in mid-2017), and he's blogging about it as he writes it. Never mind how fraught with danger this is--here's your chance to see how the entire process of writing a book works, and you can do it with a much-anticipated work no less!

His blog,, is an entertaining site for all things writing, and Aeryn is working in cooperation with Skull Island eXpeditions, so you'll get lots of behind-the-scenes secrets and insight into what's on the horizon for this series. He's already begun to post about the new book, so check it out now!

Next update: December 22


There's every chance I've lost my mind. Why did you let me do this, again? ;-)