eXpedition: Xmas

I get asked a handful of Skull Island questions with some regularity: Where should I dive in if I’ve not read Iron Kingdoms fiction before? When will the audiobook of [INSERT BOOK NAME HERE] be available? Why are you so devilishly clever and handsome? (In truth, I also get asked, “Dude—how old are you??”)

But a pretty common one that comes up every few weeks is, “Just which books are in your actual PRINT catalog?”

So, to help you pick out those antiquated old-man relics called “bookes” that ye might give to your kin this Yuletide, I’ve listed our print volumes below. I’ve also taken the liberty of giving you some recommendations as to which relatives you might want to give them to (assuming your family is as “traditional” as mine…)

Get all of these books at the Privateer Press Online Store (store.privateerpress.com)  and on Amazon.com!


These go to the survivalist in your family, the one who has an underground bunker or a lifetime supply of Spam in the garage.

BLOOD OF KINGS (Doug Seacat)

This is for that relative who incessantly tells you about the blood-filled royal lineage in various European countries six hundred years ago and insists you should binge on THE TUDORS this Christmas afternoon.


Give this to the soldier in your family—on active duty, on inactive duty, or just plays CALL OF DUTY every weekend. 


BLACK DOGS (Richard Lee Byers)

For the true crime fan in your family, that relative who loves Nancy Grace, Court TV, or pretty much any show on HLN. Note, too, any family member still annoyed by the finale of THE SOPRANOS will like this book—it has an actual ending.

MARK OF CAINE (Miles Holmes)

Give this to the relative who insists recreational drugs of any sort have no long-term effects. Bonus points if said relative has a tattoo. Double bonus points if that relative cannot remember EVER getting said tattoo.

WATERY GRAVES (Chris A. Jackson)

For the amateur boat enthusiast in your family who scoffs when you don’t know if starboard is left or right. (And just what’s wrong with using left and right, by the way? Well, this relative can tell you WHY it should be port and starboard…)

TotIH cover


This is for that relative who refuses to read ANY modern fantasy lit—and “modern” means anything published since the original Beowulf. Anybody who knows who ERB was or where Conan the Barbarian was from will dig this book, too.


For the relative plagued with short attention span, you can’t go wrong with four novellas. You’ll know which relative it is, even if he or she has never said so—anyone who says they’re making a New Year’s resolution to read WAR AND PEACE or DAVID COPPERFIELD is a likely candidate.

Of course, all of these are available in digital right here on the Skull Island eXpeditions site, in case you're giving the gift of Skull Island reading to a millennial who think of books, VHS, and record albums in the same vein...


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