Welcome Ashore to Skull Island!

 Ahoy, matey! (That's the pirate captain in me talking....)

My name is Michael G. Ryan, and I’m the director of publications for Privateer Press and publisher for Skull Island eXpeditions.  As we take our world-building fiction to new levels, I thought it was high time I created a forum where you and I can talk about  what’s happening on Caen, in western Immoren and beyond, and in the Iron Kingdoms, and most important, how we’re bringing those stories to you through Skull Island. 

I’m eager  to  hear from you. What have we published that you were especially excited about? What are you hoping we’ll get to in the future? Which characters are you eager to see make their way into the Skull Island library? We have a robust publishing plan for 2017 and beyond, and this is where you’ll hear about it first.

So, talk to me about what you hope to see in this blog! Comment away!

Flashpoint cover

And  in  the  meantime, know that we’re working on a Protectorate novel, the sequel to Black Dogs, the next book in the Acts of War series (book 1, Flashpoint, is available now at skullislandx.com, Amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, and drivethrurpg.com), and our first Khador-centric novel. More to  come on all of these in the future…


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I really appreciate the new focus on full books in the Iron Kingdoms since MKIII release and look forward to reading all the new ones in the upcoming year, so thanks for the heads up on what is coming out. Reading lore from some of the other factions will be a nice break from Cygnar (Cygnar will always be my love though).
As someone that gets all your physical books, I REALLY appreciate the consistency of the new bindings of the books. They are actually display worthy now!
Also please keep releasing all the books in Audiobook format as well. The readers that have been chosen have done a fabulous job, and the books are solid enough now that I have been able to get non-gaming fans into this lore.
Keep up the great work guys!

Glad to have you on board as a reader!

I've loved being able to listen to the audio versions, and love that a good amount of them have been on there. It's just been hard to find out when they will be released on there. (important for something like audible credits and planning what to wait for/use on)
Are there any plans to have a schedule for when they will appear on there at least a couple weeks ahead of it suddenly appearing on the list? Or at least an idea of which books will have audio versions at some point in their lives?(I would have loved Wrath of the Dragonfather to be, but afiak that's not planned)

...we'll post those release dates here as we get them in, and we'll make sure they get out there in  all of Privateer Press's social media notices as well!

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate all the great, though Cygnar centric fluff you guys have been putting out, with the time-skip, the Restoration, Magnus The Patriot's rise and Caine's fall from grace.

However, in the lack of the Anthology books, and the seeming lack of any significant story fluff in the first Command book, where are we going to see flashes of the characters we've grown attached to? Will there be any page space for Vlad and Vindictus' vendetta? Madrak and Doomshaper's friendship/rivalry? Barnabus' ascension to godhood? Where will we see this?

The ongoing Cygnar plot has certainly been continued since Vengeance, but what about the others? Beyond Vlad's cameo in Kingmaker, Menoth's brief appearance, and Legion's cameos in Haley's book we haven't heard a peep from anyone not wearing Blue (or dark blue) since March 2014. All we've had is the short pieces that came with each of the new BB casters, and those were barely morsels.

...we're planning an awesome Protectorate book and a Khador-centric novel for 2017, and there are yet more surprises to come. We hear you!

Oh the list of things I'd like to see. How about a pulp stlye Greylord leading a band of Winter Guard into an Orgoth tomb? More Warcaster Chronicles.

Oh wait, things to see in the blog... Interviews with the authors, upcoming books, signings at events, community Q&A, plans for the future, your thoughts on the upcoming GRIND playoffs, pairing up SIX novels with the dev team to create campaign books. Little things like that.

This is all great stuff, and we're taking it to heart. We've already begun to add author interviews to our Insiders, and more will appear here. We're also going to be announcing signings in 2017 here, and more to come Great suggestions; thanks very much for sending them in!

Is there a ballpark for when the next Acts of War and Hellslingers books will be available?

I'm writing Acts of War II right now! Like Mike Ryan said, there's gonna be a lot more info on the book very soon. 

`Ive been asking for a forum section the Privateer Press boards forever! I still wish you guys would compile all of the old fluff for the new players. No one wants to buy old rule books we just was want the good stuff.

We've discussed this a few times now, and it's under consideration. Likely a digital-only release!