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Douglas Seacat Interview Part 1

Long known for his incredible knowledge of the Iron Kingdoms setting—and quite a few lands beyond western Immoren—Doug Seacat has an incredible number of short stories to his credit, some of which haven’t seen the light of day in years…if ever. Skull Island eXpeditions is compiling a wealth of these stories for release this spring, and Doug took some time out of his schedule (hint: he’s been working on a special project due in June!) to answer some questions about the upcoming collection!

Skull Island: How long have you been writing fiction in the Iron Kingdoms?

INTERVIEW: Author Orrin Grey Brings the Protectorate to Skull Island!

Orrin GreyAuthor Orrin Grey is getting ready to dive in to put the finishing touches on his forthcoming novel Godless, the first book in the Fire & Faith series, but before he heads east to immerse himself in the lands of the Protectorate once more, we got him to answer a quick six questions about his new book! And this author photo really is what Orrin looks like, we swear.  (And if you’re going to talk smack about the Protectorate, it’s best to not have your photo floating around anyway. —Ed.) 

BREAKING SKULL ISLAND NEWS: Protectorate Novel Update!

First draft is in! Author Orrin Grey has finished round one of the upcoming Protectorate of Menoth novel, and as we work with him to get the polished manuscript ready for editing and print, it’s time to give you a quick sneak peek to whet your appetitefor Skull Island’s first full-length Protectorate novel, Godless (Book 1 of the Fire & Faith Series). In this key passage, Tristan Durant has a dark vision that will drive the rest of the novel… 


First Drafts

If you’re making a point of reading this blog, I bet you’re hoping for some inside scoop, and as the publisher, I’m fortunate enough to have that info to give you. And while we want to maintain a certain element of surprise for when we release books, I want to share with you an update on a project we’re working on right now…

Matt Wilson, Matt Goetz, Zach Parker, Aeryn Rudel, Doug Seacat, and I have all completed our first drafts of novellas with shared characters to be combined into one fantastic anthology slated for release next summer, just in time to tie in with the release of the new Faction at Lock & Load GameFest 2017!

Skull Island Buried Treasure

In thinking about the Butcher recently—this is just something you do almost daily when you work for Privateer Press—I realized how much I had enjoyed “Not Everyone Dies” by Doug Seacat (from the No Quarter Collection II) and how easily missed it could be in the sizable collection of works on the Skull Island eXpeditions site.

Beginning at the End

I’m a big fan of author John Irving, and each time I’ve had the good fortune to hear him read, he mentions his writing process: he writes the very last line of his book FIRST. (Consider “In the world according to Garp, we are all terminal cases.”) I’m now in the habit of reading that last line before I start reading the book as a whole, and I have become particularly intrigued to see what the line can tell me about what is coming.

So, in that spirit, I’d like to offer you a sneak peek at an upcoming Iron Kingdoms novel, BLACK CROWNS by Richard Lee Byers (2017; currently in editing). The next book in the Black River Irregulars series, it offers a wonderful last line that I think does the final tale a solid service:

X Marks the Spot: Here There Be Pirates…


Chris A. JacksonSo, our latest Skull Island eXpeditions book is Watery Graves by Chris A. Jackson, who has more nautical sense than Broadsides Bart and Skarre put together. (Oh, and he’s a hell of a lot more pleasant than either of them.) Chris took a little time out of his schedule to answer a few questions about the book, the writing, and the know-how that clearly defines Chris as a pirate…

By the Book: FLASHPOINT's Sequel

Aeryn Rudel

 Aeryn Rudel is an exceptionally prolific writer, and he's a core Skull Island author. His work has appeared in numerous compilations, and last year, we published his first full-length novel, Flashpoint. He's now working on the second book in the Acts of War series (tentatively titled Boiling Point and due out in mid-2017), and he's blogging about it as he writes it. Never mind how fraught with danger this is--here's your chance to see how the entire process of writing a book works, and you can do it with a much-anticipated work no less!

eXpedition: Xmas

I get asked a handful of Skull Island questions with some regularity: Where should I dive in if I’ve not read Iron Kingdoms fiction before? When will the audiobook of [INSERT BOOK NAME HERE] be available? Why are you so devilishly clever and handsome? (In truth, I also get asked, “Dude—how old are you??”)

But a pretty common one that comes up every few weeks is, “Just which books are in your actual PRINT catalog?”